We are Experts in Development and Maintenance WooCommerce online stores. We keep it fast and secure with the latest updates, 7x24x365 uptime monitoring and alerts, we optimize its speed, improve security and assist you with first-class personalized support.

Benefits of Having the service

Forget about having problems with your Woocommerce and focus on what really matters: your business!


You have a team of professionals to support you and guarantee the proper working of your site.


We take care of all the updates and backups so that you have your site updated and secure.


Keeping the site updated makes your business less vulnerable and also the data of your customers is safe.


We provide a personalized service of rapid response to incidents with response times according to your needs depending on the plan that you choose.

Have you calculated how much time you spend on configurations, maintenance tasks or searching for solutions and technical improvements?

Don't waste your time doing technical tasks that you don't master, solving incidents and searching the internet day and night and that consume time from your business or your personal life.

Rest easy knowing that you have a company that supports you with a professional and expert technical team in this technology. 

This is not a simple maintenance service, it is technological insurance for your online sales channel.


Basic plan

2 Months Discount for Annual Payment
Support for 1 Website
Hosting Optimized for eCommerce up to 20Gb of Storage
Daily backups
Disaster recovery
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Automatic site down alerts
Quarterly Updates: WordPress, Themes, Plugins and Woocommerce.
Email Boxes with Corporate Domain
Basic Video Training
10% discount on additional hours and development hours.
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Medium Plan

2 Months Discount for Annual Payment
Includes everything in the Basic Plan
Hosting Optimized for eCommerce up to 30Gb of Storage
Post-update review
Your Secure and Optimized Store: Internal caching system and Cloudflare perimeter security
CDN for image optimization and browsing Cloudflare Free
2 monthly minor changes, loading up to 5 monthly products or the equivalent of 1 hour of work
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Pro plan

2 Months Discount for Annual Payment
Includes everything in the Medium Plan
Hosting Optimized for eCommerce up to 50Gb of Storage
Staging Environment: It is a secure testing environment while the online store remains operational.
Quarterly Training or Advice Via Zoom if Required
Image Optimization and Browsing Speed with Cloudflare PRO
Image tuning and optimization, premium cache installation, minification and file merging (if possible), caching of external resources (fonts, icons, whenever possible).
Database optimization
4 minor monthly changes or 2 hours of work per month or upload of 10 monthly products.
Corrections and advanced modifications within 2 hours of monthly work.
Advanced technical support Via Mail or WhatsApp
Advanced technical support Via Mail or WhatsApp
Alertas Críticas 24/7 y resolución de errores de errores críticos que impidan el tráfico hacia la web y al acceso del panel de control de la web, durante todos los días del año.
Revisión, informes y envío de reportes Mensuales. Te mandaremos por email un resumen de las intervenciones y actualizaciones realizadas.
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*Minor Changes are understood as small changes and adjustments that you need to execute in the content of your website. For example, changing or adjusting a photo, text, making small adjustments or corrections, changing a slide and in general basic actions that do not involve code or template customizations.


*Corrections and advanced modifications are understood to be making adjustments to the content of your website. For example, custom desktop and mobile layout settings. Also CSS code adjustments to change aspects of the appearance of your template or plugins. Install and configure plugins to get them up and running.

How it Works?


Through an online questionnaire we will evaluate various aspects of your website or ecommerce and we will inform you if our technical support is the solution that you need or if there are previous actions to be carried out before you contract the service.


If everything goes well with the diagnosis, we will proceed with the hiring and payment of the service according to the service plan that you have chosen.

Kick Off (Virtual)

Para conocernos y que conozcas el equipo de trabajo y definir los lineamientos de trabajo. Recibirás también un Kit De Bienvenida con toda la información que necesitaras para comunicarte y acceder al soporte así cómo el acceso al video capacitación.

Inicio del Servicio

Comenzamos por una puesta a punto general de tu tienda online y migración de la misma a nuestro alojamiento si optaste por esa opción incluída en todos nuestros planes.

What Our Clients Say

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What it includes

Depending on the plan you choose, we provide all these Woocommerce maintenance services.

Monitoring and Alerts We

Monitor that your store is online 24 hours a day and configure alerts in case of incidents.

24/7 Security

Strengthen your website's defenses by preventing any hacking attempts or security breaches.


We keep the components of your online store updated periodically according to your plan.

Backup / Restoration

We made daily backups of your files and database. In case of incidents or unwanted changes, we can restore to the last existing backup.

Speed Up

​​Hosting optimization (if you choose our hosting) and on-site optimization of your online store so that it performs with the best possible speed.


Depending on the plan you choose, we can make all kinds of changes and/or modifications to your online store.

Assistance and Technical Support

A professional and expert team will provide assistance and support for any questions, queries or problems that you have in your online store.


Record every change we make to your online store and we will send you reports of the maintenance carried out with the frequency defined in the plan that you choose.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To be able to update templates and paid plugins, you need a valid license and access to the update files of the paid plugin/template provider.
    Of course we can! In any case, you will go through a preliminary evaluation questionnaire to see the state of health of your online store, the hosting that you use and based on the diagnosis we will evaluate if our service is the best option for you and if we can provide support to your online store or we need to perform some correctives actions prior to providing you with our support and maintenance service.
    We can support and maintain any Wordpress website, in any case you will go through a preliminary evaluation questionnaire that includes knowing the hosting you use and based on said diagnosis we will evaluate if our service is the best option for you and if we can give you support to your online store in that hosting or we need to carry out some corrective action such as migrating to our hosting prior to providing you our support and maintenance service. 
    It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. Our hosting is high performance and optimized for ecommerce. In any case, you can use it or not, after the diagnostic questionnaire we will let you know if we can provide you with maintenance on your hosting.
    We will not reduce any of the maintenance amount for using your hosting if you do not use it.
    What you should keep in mind is that we cannot guarantee the same speed in the service we provide, the same level of optimization, loading speed and security as in our hosting, as well as that all the functions that we mention on this page can be performed given that the tools vary in each hosting.
    Completely. It is your website and you manage it as you want.
    In order to provide you with our service properly, we need full Wordpress admin access along with Cpanel/Hosting or FTP credentials. On occasion we may also need to request access for DNS management. Our team keeps these credentials private and will never share these details. If you consider it necessary, we can sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA).
    All communication between us will be done by email or whatsapp depending on the maintenance plan you choose.
    Of course! If you need an invoice, tell us after contracting the service with your billing information and we will send it to you monthly electronically by mail.
    Of course, we can use our NDA template or if you have we can use it subject to review first by our legal team.
    This is something that we will evaluate in the initial diagnostic questionnaire and, if necessary, we will carry out a more in-depth evaluation together. In this case we will check your website and if it uses very old versions we will evaluate performing a single set-up and update for USD 199 + VAT. If it goes well, you can hire the plan that suits you best. If it goes wrong, we'll leave everything as it was and advise you on how to proceed.
    Depending on the mode that you choose, we can work with an annual monthly payment contract, with an annual payment with or without contract, and with monthly payments without a contract. In this last option, if you choose to use our hosting, the migration has a one-time cost of U$S 199, you can request cancellation whenever you want and there are no other types of charges or penalties.
    Yes. We are experts in WordPress and WooCommerce.
    It depends on the Plan you choose. In the Pro Plan and using our hosting (or if yours allows it) we have a staging test environment, where maintenance is carried out without impact on the production site and after everything has been tested it is put into production.
    In case of not having Staging, we coordinate "Maintenance Windows" to carry out tasks that may affect the functionality of your online store.
    Maintenance is done regularly and you don't have to request or worry about it. If it is an incident or a problem, the time will never be greater than that indicated in your support plan, and depending on the workload, the urgency and the type of incident, it can be immediate or in a few hours. For example, a downed website does not have the same urgency as an image that has disappeared.

    What is not included

    SEO: In our WordPress web maintenance services there is nothing in terms of SEO. That is, we do not make improvements that positively impact your place in Google results nor do we track your positions.
    Licenses: you must have purchased the licenses of paid plugins and paid themes that you use on your website. Keep it updated is needed.
    Phone support: we manage everything related to web maintenance and support by email or whatsapp (depending on your plan).
    This service is not designed to make changes to the design your online store. On-demand tasks cannot be used to gradually implement a new global structure or the general visual aspect of the web. In case you want a redesign of your website, ask us about our eCommerce development services.
    We do not write texts, create or edit videos, images or images. On-demand tasks do not include creating articles for your blog or products for your store.
    The technical nature of the service does not include managing external matters with financial entities, with suppliers, clients, billing and accounting of your online store.

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